Местоположение: Новоорловск, Смоленская область, Switzerland

 Адрес: Fortunastrasse 72, Erdesson

 Телефон.: 027 811 45 34

 Телефон.: 027 811 45 34


 Информация пользователя: Article content LONDON - A Georgian townhouse in a genteel, leafy London suburb houses a team of gambling experts huddled round dozens of computer screens showing match results from around the world. No bets are placed, however, no money won or lost. This is the frontline of the war on soccer match-fixing. Article content The multi-billion dollar soccer industry was shaken to its core earlier this month when European police and prosecutors said hundreds of games may have been rigged in a match-fixing syndicate being run from Singapore. Welcome to the war on soccer match-fixing: Gambling experts fight back Back to video Helping soccer’s governing bodies tackle the problem, companies such as Sportradar analyse betting odds movements to detect match-fixing, while FIFA has also set up an inhouse Early Warning System (EWS).

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